In our aim to deliver unique no fault billing services to our clients, our no-fault team will recommend the best strategy to fight insurance carriers’ improper and arbitrary denials.

The New York State Insurance Law provides healthcare practitioners with two options to recover disputed or denied bills for services rendered to injured claimants.

Disputes with insurance carriers can either be submitted to arbitration or be filed in civil court.  Either case, we will work with the healthcare provider and their collection attorney to determine which approach will maximize your recovery and obtain the results you desire.

Our No Fault Billing system is designed to keep the collection in mind from the very start. As experts in no fault billing, we make sure that from the very beginning medical bills are submitted to auto insurance companies correctly.

All bills are mailed in timely manner, with all supporting documentation, with proof of mail and proof of delivery. We electronically document all correspondence with the insurance companies. We respond to all verifications requests by the insurance company while securing a proof of mail and proof of delivery.

Our system is designed to keep track of this procedure in a seamless and automated manner. Once we have complied with all outstanding verification requests by the insurance carrier and claim is determined to be ripe for collection it is automatically moved to a collection status.

Claim is then moved to healthcare provider’s collection attorney. This includes the entire file with all necessary documentation required by the collections attorney. We have the ability to deliver a complete Arbitration Ready or Litigation Ready file to any attorney who has been retained by the healthcare provider. That attorney will receive the entire file electronically in his/her preferred format.

We also offer a monitoring service; this includes keeping a track of how long it takes for healthcare provider’s attorney to actually file an arbitration or litigation.